Hiring Challenges Employers Face Due to Missing Foreign Workers in the United States

Hiring Challenges Employers Face Due to Missing Foreign Workers in the United States

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The lockdowns and fear of recession in the US last year had many consequences, including the unemployment of migrant workers. This didn’t only affect employees but also made it challenging for employers to recruit suitable candidates. Here’s everything you should know.

The Problem

One of the biggest outcomes of the global pandemic was the United States closing its doors to almost all incoming foreign workers and skilled labor in 2020. There are two underlying causes behind this issue, including Trump’s policies to reduce work visas for international employees and the global restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

This problem instantly gave rise to one of the most debated discourses in the United States. Today, as employers continue to face difficulty in running businesses due to missing foreign workers, it’s high time to think about the essential connection and co-dependence between the US labor market and immigration.

Hiring Challenges

The US labor market has significantly been dependent on skilled foreign workers and their active participation in a wide range of industries. The sudden restrictions on their immigration and visa have made it incredibly challenging for US employers to hire workers that they’re not likely to find within the existing US population.

The COVID-19 pandemic also affected foreign workers by reducing the minimum wage rate. As a result, it’s become all the more challenging to recruit employees willing to work at the existing rate that the foreign workers were largely accustomed to.

The Need for Reforms

Keeping in mind the participation and the overall role of skilled foreign laborers in various industries and businesses in the US, it’s safe to say that the work visa programs in the United States are in dire need of reforms.

In fact, restricting access to these people looking for opportunities has become a significant equal rights issue, considering how they play a massive role in the development of the US economy, even during downturns.

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