The Impact of COVID-19 on Non-Citizens in the US

The Impact of COVID-19 on Non-Citizens in the US

The COVID-19 pandemic spread a great deal of disruption and disorder throughout the United States. This includes the immigration system that has had a severe impact on immigrants and their families.

Cancellation of Visa Appointments

The high risk of widespread infection had led the Trump administration to enforce travel restrictions and travel bans. Due to this, both non-immigrant and immigrant visa appointments were canceled. People who applied for family-based and employment-based immigrant visas had their applications suspended too.

Entry Suspension of Certain Immigrants

The novel coronavirus had impacted several industries worldwide. Many people were demoted or laid off because of the tough economic situation nationwide. In an effort to aid unemployed US citizens, the Trump administration suspended the entry of some immigrants. The purpose was to preserve employment opportunities for American citizens which would have otherwise gone to immigrants.

young woman walking on a sidewalk in a surgical mask. Asylum Seekers Barred from Entering

The director of the Centre of Disease Control (CDC) had decided to prohibit entry of individuals who posed a risk of introducing the infection in the US. As a result, the border patrol turned back thousands of asylum seekers hoping to flee dangerous conditions. These people had to abandon their cases and were left stranded or forced to go back home.

Risk of Infection to Detained Individuals

While COVID-19 did have a severe effect on immigrants who wanted to enter the US, those that were detained could arguably be in a more dangerous situation. These people could not implement social distancing as they were locked inside detention facilities with up to hundreds of people. With limited access to sanitization equipment, soaps, and face masks, some people died as a result of infection.

Although Congress has taken decisive action to pursue certain humanitarian actions now, there’s still room for improvement in how the needs of non-citizens should be addressed. An immigration lawyer can help you streamline your family’s immigration application process.

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