Involved In A Minor Car Accident? Here Is What To Do Next

Involved In A Minor Car Accident? Here Is What To Do Next

A huge responsibility falls on your shoulders whenever you take your car on the roads.

Even one distraction or miscalculation when driving could cause an accident to take place, which can be fatal.1

Responsible driving is therefore the first requisite and element that is taught in driver education courses, however accidents still happen. Most motorists drive defensively and use caution when on the road. However, car accidents occur even then!

Have you ever been involved in a bad car accident? Or seen one on the news? No doubt an auto collision is an emotionally exhausting and stressful situation for all parties involved. If not properly handled, this situation can even blow out of control. Drivers involved in an accident are responsible for knowing what to do, following an accident. Look at the following:

The Injured Should Be Assisted First

You don’t know the extent of their injuries and aren’t qualified to handle them anyway. The obvious step here is to call 911 if you feel medical attention might be needed. Also, make sure you aren’t in immediate or impending danger at the roadside, while waiting for the ambulance.

Try To Control the Scene

Any accident—big or small—will garner attention from onlookers and pedestrians. Some will try to help you, but most will just stand and watch. This isn’t the time to exchange information with the other driver. Safely drive to the left or right emergency lane if your vehicle is still functional. Make sure the hazard lights are turned on. Finally, wait for emergency services at the crash scene.

Submit a Report after Notifying To the Police

You are bound by law to notify the local police authorities in the event of an accident. Doing so will help you later if the injured party files a liability claim against you. Remember to submit a police report as well after notifying to the police.

Exchange Information after Documenting the Scene

Scene documentation will help you win a prospective liability claim put forward by the injured party, if you aren’t at fault. On the other hand, doing the same will help collect evidence in your favor if you are the injured party. You should document:

  • Names of all parties involved
  • Addresses/email addresses
  • Vehicle identification number
  • Vehicle information (model, make, and year)
  • Insurance carriers and policy numbers
  • Photographic evidence (location, people involved, damaged vehicles)

What to Do If You Collide With an Unattended Vehicle or Property?

Take necessary steps to inform owner of the unattended vehicle or property. This can be done by writing a note of apology including your contact information and attaching it to the vehicle or property.

Treat other people on the road the same way you would want to be treated in the event of an accident.

You will need the assistance of a personal injury attorney shortly after. Contact Barry P. Goldberg if you are a victim of an accident by an uninsured driver. His team of lawyers specializes in uninsured and underinsured motorist accidents in Woodland Hills.

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