What You Should Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

What You Should Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

Looking for an attorney to represent you but don’t know what to look for? A personal injury claim is serious and how well you can pursue compensation can have a huge effect on your finances.

This guide is your key to enlisting the right personal injury attorney for you.

Extensive Knowledge of Federal and State Law

One of the most essential characteristics of an excellent personal injury lawyer is that they understand both national and state law. Why is that? While state laws usually influence how personal injury cases are settled, if your claim is rejected or negotiations are needed to get you compensation, a knowledgeable lawyer can pull out all the stops to get the job done.

Some knowledge of federal and state legislation in a range of practice areas is always helpful and gets you well-rounded legal services. However, always inquire about where the personal injury lawyer has practiced since that tells you what they know of state law.

Has a Sizeable Legal Team

Many lawyers work in a firm with a range of other kinds of lawyers working with them. This can include both civil and criminal cases. This matters because you want to be sure that your lawyer has resources to pull from and is established within an organization. This characteristic is something to look for if you don’t want to be scammed by a supposed legal professional.

Is Empathetic and Listens to You

Lawyers have a bad reputation for being money-hungry opportunists. However, not all lawyers are like this, especially those who represent the average citizen. To be sure that you’re not hiring someone who won’t deliver, make sure to schedule an appointment first to talk first.

During this meeting, the attorney’s behavior will tell you if they’re someone you want to work with. An organized, empathetic lawyer who listens to what you say and is willing to respect your wishes is who you want on your side.

Experience in Handling Cases In and Out of Court

Look for someone who has settled cases out of court as well as in court. Not all personal injury cases have to go to court — with some correspondence and negotiation with the negligent party; you may be able to get compensation directly. So make sure you ask what the lawyer’s experience has been in.

A personal injury lawyer in a consultation with clients.

Has Accessible Fees

Some lawyers’ fees may be sky-high, which is why you should figure out how you’ll afford them. Most good personal injury lawyers don’t take payment upfront. Instead, they’ll offer a free initial consultation, decide to take you on (or they won’t take you on), pursue your claim, and take a portion of your compensation for their fee.

A legal firm in Maryland with an excellent personal injury lawyer on the team is The Lincoln Law Group, LLC. The team consists of personal injury and car accident lawyers, immigration lawyers, tax attorneys, family law attorneys, and criminal defense attorneys in Baltimore and Silver Spring.

The company was built on a foundation of ethical, honest, and affordable legal practice, which is why you should call them for your personal injury claim ASAP.


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