In the Michigan Shooting, What was the School’s Responsibility?

In the Michigan Shooting, What was the School’s Responsibility?

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November was a particularly sad month for Americans due to the Michigan school shooting that has become subject to controversies worldwide. The reason behind it is the school’s administration failed to handle the matter responsibly. Read on to learn everything you should know about this shooting.

The Michigan Shooting

Oxford High School in Michigan became yet another high school in America to become subject to a school shooting by an armed student. This shooting happened on November 30th by the student Ethan Crumbley.

It was an incredibly tragic event for the school administration, teachers, and students alike, resulting in the loss of four students’ lives who were shot by Crumbley in broad daylight.

The Backstory

This school shooting has gained global attention due to what the school already knew before the shooting. Ethan Crumbley was a troubled student who needed instant support and assistance.

A few days before the shooting, the student was actively found looking up arms and ammunition on the internet. The next day, Ethan attempted to seek help by leaving a note on his desk saying, “The thoughts won’t stop. Help me.”

While the school administration conducted a meeting with the 15-year-old’s parents, no final decision was made to help him immediately.

The School’s Responsibility

Despite the school encouraging Ethan to stay home, his parents resisted and requested the school authorities to keep him in school until he felt better. The school’s administration let him attend classes as usual instead of looking at other routes for support.

The school’s negligence toward Ethan’s written request for help ultimately led to a tragic school shooting where four other students lost their lives too. The authorities are now questioning the school’s administration about its negligence.

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