Motorcycle Maintenance 101: Tips & Tricks To Protect Your Ride

Motorcycle Maintenance 101: Tips & Tricks To Protect Your Ride

A well-maintained motorcycle has an assortment of benefits for the rider and bike. For the rider, proper maintenance makes the bike perform well and safe to drive. For the bike, care extends its lifespan. Another key benefit is that a well-maintained bike doesn’t require repairs as often, which saves the rider a surfeit of money.

Here are some essential maintenance tips to run through when you’re maintaining your motorcycle.


Typically, it’s recommended that you should change your motorcycle’s oil once every year, but other variables also affect this rule. If you’re a particularly avid driver, you’ll need to change your oil more often. Generally, the more mileage you accumulate, the earlier you’ll need to change your bike’s oil. Moreover, where you drive will also affect how often you need to change your oil. If you drive in dusty areas, you’ll need to change your oil more often. Check your bike’s manual for the recommended time between oil changes, and always check your bike’s oil before hitting the road.


Tires don’t typically warrant replacement unless they’ve been in a harrowing accident or are very old. However, tire pressure does drop often and requires a response.

Low pressure can worsen your bike’s performance and fuel economy. Try to make a habit of checking tire pressure at least once every month (and more often in the winters). If you plan to take a long drive on your bike, don’t forget to check your tire pressure.

Air Filter

An air filter controls what enters your bike’s engine through the air. Air can carry small, light debris, which, if unfiltered, can damage your engine and worsen its performance. An air filter removes the debris and other particulates carried by the air before it enters your engine. The cleaner the air, the faster it igni

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