All You Need to Know About Motor Vehicle Laws in Indiana

All You Need to Know About Motor Vehicle Laws in Indiana

Driving a vehicle requires you to put all five senses onhigh alert. Not only do you need to prioritize your safety,but you also need to be wary of the state laws that apply to you while you do so. 

State laws are there to ensure thesafety of all passengers on the road. They help the authorities control, monitor, and regulate traffic. Motor laws are also designed to protect passengers from accidents and to avoid congestion. 

If you’re based in Indiana, let’s run through the laws that apply to you:

Driving under the influence

No state in the United States allows you to operate a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant. This is not just a criminal offense, but may also affect your legal privilege to drive a vehicle in the future. If the authorities suspect you of being intoxicated, they’ll make you take a test.This is to quantify the alcohol concentration in your blood. 

If amotorist fails the chemical test, their driving license may be suspended for up to 180 days. If you refuse to take the test altogether,your driving privilege may be suspended for up to two years. For repeat offenders, both the fine and suspension period can be longer. 

Habitual traffic violator (HTV)

If the defendant has been to be repeatedly found guilty of the same traffic violation a number of times over a period of ten years, the repercussions will be severe. If the violation has resulted in someone’s injury and death twice in ten years, the defendant’s driving privileges will be suspended for ten years. 

If the motorist has accumulated three similar judgments over ten years and one of them resulted in someone’s death, their privileges will be suspended for life. 

Section C of the same law states that if any habitual traffic violator continues to operate their motor vehicle even after their privileges have been suspended, they’ll be subjected to a ten-year-long conviction. The same goes for those who drive without getting their driver’s license. 

Your driving privileges will also be suspended if you refuse to or fail to pay for the damages that you’ve caused to someone’s vehicle. 

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