Do I Need a Solicitor When Being Questioned by the Police?

Do I Need a Solicitor When Being Questioned by the Police?

Being questioned by the police can be overwhelming, especially if they see you as a suspect or want you as a witness for a crime. In any case, it’s always a better idea to seek legal support from a solicitor when being questioned by the police. Read on to learn how a solicitor can help you.

Preparing for the Interview

The first reason why it’s always a good idea to have your solicitor present during and before a police interview is that it’ll allow you to know your rights. A lawyer has all the knowledge and information to help you understand what you can and can’t do during a police interview.


As a result, you’ll be better prepared to answer the questions being asked by the police. Apart from reminding you of your rights, your lawyer will also provide you with exclusive legal counsel to ensure that you don’t get yourself in unnecessary trouble while answering questions.

Addressing Special Needs

Requesting your lawyer’s presence during police interviews is also beneficial when you have special needs. A lawyer knows your circumstances and has the experience of addressing their clients’ needs accordingly.

Your lawyer will proactively communicate your needs with law enforcement to help them take the necessary measures. As a result, you’ll be comfortable during your police interview and will answer questions knowing that you have your lawyer’s support at all times.

Additional Supervision

Lastly, lawyers play a massive role in observing police interviews and ensuring that the officer interviewing you isn’t crossing a limit or asking a question that they’re not legally allowed to ask. In other words, they stand by your side during police interviews to make sure all the questions being asked are fair and relevant.

Furthermore, they’ll provide you with immediate legal advice during complex questions.

an interrogation room

If you find yourself being questioned by the police, you have every right to seek legal assistance and counsel from your lawyer. Wondering where to find the best criminal defence solicitors in the UK? You can now count on the lawyers or legal advocates at AMI International Solicitors.

Everyone questioned at the Police Station is entitled to free, independent legal advice. They have contracts for legal aid and can provide free advice and assistance at the police station.

It’s a leading international law firm, offering assistance in a wide range of legal matters. From family law solicitors, immigration lawyers, and merger and acquisition lawyers to confiscation proceedings solicitors, cross-border disputes solicitors, and extradition lawyers, they’re at your service. Contact them to learn more today!

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