A Quick Guide to Document Authentication and Legalization Process for Medical Professionals

A Quick Guide to Document Authentication and Legalization Process for Medical Professionals

Medical professionals in Canada are some of the highest-paid workers compared to other service professions. There are over 91,000 physicians in the country, and the number is rising rapidly, especially for female physicians. Canadian medical professionals are some of the most highly trained and well-qualified in the world due to the challenging demands for the licensing standards and practices and medical training in the country.

Renowned international organizations such as the World Health Organization, Doctors Without Borders, and the United Nations are always seeking Canadian medical professionals to work for them. However, before you can be qualified to work abroad, you need to validate your license and authenticate your documents.

The First Step!

Before being qualified to work outside the country, Canadian medical professionals have to ensure their documents are properly authenticated and legalized. Whether you are a nurse or a doctor, you need to get your license authenticated. Most countries in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East require validated licenses before allowing any medical professional to practice in their country. The medical professional must take the true copy of their certificates of training and license to a notary public in Canada to get them attested and notarized.

The Authentication Process

The next step of the legalization journey is getting the documents authenticated by Global Affairs Canada. The government-run body oversees all document authentication in Canada and ensures all signatures and practice numbers on the license and certificates match the ones in the registry. Once the requirements of GAC are fulfilled, they will stamp the certificates and license document, and you can move on to the final step.

some documents with a rubber stamp in the foreground

Getting the Documents Legalized

The final step is submitting the GAC-approved documents to the embassy of the country where you want to practice your medical professional. They will review all the documents and authenticate the GAC stamp. If your documents meet the standards and regulations of the embassy, they will also affix their stamp to the documents or issues a verification certificate to complete the legalization process.

Get Professional Help

Are you still confused about the complicated and lengthy process of getting your documents authenticated and legalized?

Global Legalization Services helps medical professionals get through the complicated document legalization and authentication process by taking over the complicated legal tasks required.

They also offer professional attestation services in Canada to notarize and legalize important documents such as birth and marriage certificates, educational certificates, etc., so they can be used in foreign countries.

Get in touch with them today for comprehensive and reliable document and embassy attestation services, or call them at 1-877-595-1276 to schedule an appointment with the experienced document authentication experts in Ontario, Canada!

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