Why Recreational Insurance Matters

Why Recreational Insurance Matters

an insured recreational vehicle

If you have a home, you can get residential insurance LA to have it covered. For your car, you have the auto insurance option. For your life, there’s life insurance—and there’s even an insurance policy you can take out on your commercial venture.

But what about your recreational vehicle?

Can that be covered?

And should that be covered?

Recreational Vehicles aren’t Damage-Proof

RVs have been mauled by bears. They have been decimated in crashes. Suffered damage as a result of natural disasters. These nifty, mobile houses aren’t exactly cheap—which is why it is so important to have them covered. What’s more is that you’re bound to take these recreational vehicles to places where you’re likelier to be robbed—and you can end up having the RV stolen from you. Sure, you have a gun on you and that’s adequate protection—but an additional later of protection never hurt anyone, did it?

Can’t Any Other Insurance Cover for it?

an insured recreational vehicle

Regardless of where you’re taking the new RV you just bought, you could end up in trouble with it. It is, after all, a vehicle—but it is also a private domicile. Just because it’s a wheel doesn’t qualify it as a vehicle—and that’s why your auto insurance LA doesn’t cover it. But it isn’t exactly a residence either, and therefore your home insurance won’t cover it. You need a whole new kind of insurance policy to have it protected—especially if you’re an adventurous person and go out frequently.

What Does Recreational Insurance Cover For?

Now that we have established the necessity for recreational insurance, you must be wondering just how this policy is supposed to help you. In many ways, it turns out.

Injury to Your Person: Suppose you trip and fall, and maybe break a bone or two while inside your recreational vehicle. Did you know, that if you have a recreational insurance policy, you can actually have all those costly expenditures paid for?

Injury to Another Person: Also known as personal injury. If another person ends up getting injured on your RV—which does classify as domicile—you will be held liable to pay for the damages.

Property Damage: Since the RV is a domicile, it can be rightfully considered property. Any damage to the property that is a result of accidents or deliberate malicious human intent is covered by recreational insurance policies.

The only incident in which we think you might not have the advantage of having recreational insurance cover for damages is when you’re cooking in an RV—and you aren’t cooking food.

Find Out More

If you’re interested in finding out more about insurance plans LA, reach out to Robert Guitron at Farmers Insurance today.

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