How to Reduce Road Accident Risks

How to Reduce Road Accident Risks

Getting into a car accident can cause emotional turmoil, financial struggles, and injuries. While you may not always prevent an accident, you can always mitigate road accident risks.

Here’s our car accident lawyer in Silver Spring outlining how to do it.

When backing out, look backward

Because fender benders in parking lots are hardly rare, always look out for cars leaving parking spaces. Yes, mirrors help, but you should also physically look over your right shoulder while steering. This way, you’ll be alleviating the blind spots that every mirror usually creates.

Scan 10-12 seconds ahead

Always focus on the area where you’ll be driving in 10-12 seconds. If you’re driving on a highway, keep your distance from other cars. This way, you’ll avoid cars that may randomly swerve or stop.

Always maintain your car

By keeping your tires properly inflated, changing the oil regularly, and doing other stuff to maintain your car, you’ll avoid sudden stalls – and save yourself from a potential accident.

Watch for kids

Both animals and children can suddenly pop out into roadways out of nowhere. If you’re driving in a residential neighborhood, drive slowly and carefully because the kids might be around.

Don’t leave the steering wheel

Sometimes, drivers momentarily take their hands off the steering wheel for eating, using their cellphones, changing CDs, etc. Remember, a blown tire, pothole, or a gust of wind may easily send your car into another lane, causing a severe accident.

Watch for red-light runners

Before entering an intersection on a green light, count to three. Don’t forget to look both ways and ensure no one is trying to speed through a yellow light. When passing semis, exercise caution. When driving next to an 18-wheeler, be extra careful because truck drivers have a huge blind spot on their right side. Here’s a simple rule: the truck driver can’t see you if you can’t see the truck’s mirrors.

Slowly pull into traffic

Always consider blind spots, including those behind highway road signs, windshield pillars, or rear-view mirrors. Plus, look both directions at least twice when at an intersection before proceeding. Since vehicles can appear out of nowhere, exercising caution when pulling into a busy intersection is paramount.

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