Settling Boundary Disputes Before They Become A Battle

Settling Boundary Disputes Before They Become A Battle

A boundary dispute is a disagreement with a next-door neighbor over a piece of land. A boundary dispute can arise over issues as small as a fence and as large as an entire wall or a particular building. It’s when both neighbors view the boundary line differently.

These issues can usually be resolved easily and informally; however, other times, legal intervention becomes necessary. Here are three ways to resolve boundary disputes before they become a battle.

Come To An Informal Agreement

The best way to resolve a boundary dispute quickly and easily, without getting into a legal battle or spending large amounts of money to solve it, is an informal agreement. This is also known as an amicable resolution of a dispute.

Amicable resolution involves both parties sitting down and coming to a mutual agreement regarding where the boundary is supposed to be, according to pre-registration title deeds.

Alternative Disputes Resolution

If the matter still doesn’t get resolved, it’s possible to turn to alternative disputes resolution, or ADR—a term that encapsulates a range of different methods for resolving these disputes without taking harsh legal action.

These methods include mediation, expert determination, and adjudication, among a few others.

If All Else Fails, Take Legal Action

Finally, if these methods fall short in bringing both parties involved, to an agreement, there is no option left than to take the problem to court. These actions include both the high court and county court, depending on how serious the issue is.

If you’re in a tiff with your neighbors regarding a boundary dispute and need to get in touch with a solicitor, try Wembley Solicitors boundary dispute services, in Middlesex, UK. They’ll analyze your case and come up with the best way to resolve it.

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