Signs Your Child Support Case is Worth Fighting For

Signs Your Child Support Case is Worth Fighting For

Parents have to experience stress and emotional turmoil when they go through a divorce. Under these circumstances, the legal aspects of divorce – especially the child support issue – is often overlooked. It is, however, important to note here that during these times the actions of parents significantly impact their child’s wellbeing.

Every parent wants to ensure that their child grows up in a financially stable environment. Often, the financial expenses become overwhelming which leads to arguments between the parents and it becomes difficult for them to sort out the problem. If this situation occurs, you best bet will be to hire a lawyer and take your child support case to the court.

Let’s have a look at some telltale signs that your child support case is worth fighting for.

A complicated case

Divorce issues can sometimes become really complicated – especially when you find it difficult to come on the same page as your ex. If your ex is not willing to pay the amount or does not follow the child support arrangement, then hiring a lawyer and seeking legal help can be your best bet.

Child support amount

Parents are usually confused about their child support distribution and end up with unjustifiable solutions. Legal legislations can help them in making the right decisions and the financial distributions will be just, clear and transparent. Besides, if you hire a lawyer to support your case, they can help you provide accurate information to the judge so you can make sure that the child support amount is sufficient for your child’s proper care.

Child custody

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Child custody battle is probably one of the most stressful experiences of a parent’s life. They need to endure a lot of psychological pressure during such times. If you are in the midst of a child custody battle, it’s better to sort out the child support issues simultaneously. A professional lawyer can help you sort out both the cases in the best possible way.

Change in financial situation

Courts understand that the financial status of a person changes over time. So, if the custodial parent realizes that the financial status of the other parent has been upgraded, but they are still paying the same amount, they can petition the court for an increment. If the court finds out that the obligor is a beneficiary of a large sum of money because of a promotion, job switch or inheritance, there is a potential chance that your effort will not go wasted.

Needs of the minor

As a child grows, their needs also increase. But often, the child support amount is not sufficient to fulfill them.

There are several expanses of a growing child, such as, medical care, therapy, extracurricular activities, or school fees.  If you find that any of these needs are getting compromised to the lack of child support amount don’t shy away from filing a case.

Financial instability

According to the National Council of State Legislators, the child support program serves one-third of all U.S. children living in poverty. If you and the other parent are not financially strong, you can also apply for your child support. This program can significantly improve your economic outlook.

A word from the The Lincoln Law Group

Child support is an important aspect of divorce and parents should be careful when dealing with these matters. Child support can directly impact your child’s life so it’s better that they get their due rights. If you are a custodial parent who is confused about the intricacies involved in child support cases or you are the obligator looking for some modifications in child support, it’s better to seek legal help than taking the matter in your own hands.

The Lincoln Law  Group has a team of experienced divorce lawyers and child custody lawyers who can providing you with thorough guidance in this regard. They can also have immigration lawyers, truck accident lawyers, tax litigation lawyers , criminal lawyers , and, child custody lawyers onboard in Baltimore, Silver Spring , and Maryland. Feel free to contact them for legal support.

Disclaimer: Information in this blog is provided for educational purposes. It should not be used as a substitute for legal advice.

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