Tips to Avoid Being Stopped For a DUI

Tips to Avoid Being Stopped For a DUI

Getting pulled over for a DUI isn’t a pleasant experience. In fact, the threat of a DUI charge can compel people to act differently, especially if they have a drinking habit.

So, how do you avoid being stopped for a DUI? Let’s find out through our criminal lawyer in Silver Spring and Baltimore!

Know your alcohol tolerance

Everybody has a different alcohol tolerance level. While some people consume three drinks before getting tipsy, others become impaired after a single drink. Your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) isn’t just affected by the amount of alcohol you consume—many factors are at play, for example, the food you consumed before drinking, the percentage of alcohol by volume per drink, rate of consumption, bodyweight, genetics, age, and gender.

There’s no better way of avoiding a DUI than understanding your personal alcohol tolerance. If you’re to drive yourself or other people home, know your limit and stick to it. Here’s a tool you can use to calculate your personal limit.

There are also a plethora of apps available that help you determine how much influence alcohol has on your body and how drunk you are. For example, TipsyTest and DrinkControl are two of the best ones.

Don’t drink and drive

This is the best (and simplest) tip you can use to avoid being stopped for a DUI. If you don’t want to get pulled over for a DUI, just don’t drink and drive. Yes, taking a cab can be a bit of an inconvenience, but at least you won’t be getting caught. Trust us; numbers don’t lie – getting a parking ticket every month or taking a cab every weekend is far cheaper than paying the costs related to a DUI.

However, the costs of fighting a DUI charge aren’t the only consequence. If you were driving under the influence and have damaged someone’s property or injured/killed someone, you’d be battling a number of additional consequences as well. So, don’t drink and drive, and you’ll steer clear of a DUI charge!

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