What are the ABST Regulations?

If you want to work as a security services professional in Alberta, you’ll need to comply with ABST regulations. The ABST (Alberta Basic Security Training) regulations outline a comprehensive training procedure that must be completed if you want to work in the following professional capacities:

  • Security Services (Mobile or Stationary)
  • Loss Prevention
  • Executive Security Provider like a bodyguard
  • In-house security
  • Dog Patrol services
  • Alarm Responders (Breach prevention and containment; not just surveillance)

Why Do You Need ABST Licensing?

The Security Services and Investigators Act of 2008, is a detailed document that outlines a set of conditions which all interested people must follow if they wish to become security services providers. Employment in the security provision industry requires that you have a license under the mandate of the act before you can be hired as a security guard.

ABST Licensing

The act outlines that no person can offer security services until and unless they have the license to do so. They must go through security training, fulfill the minimum criteria to qualify for a license and pass a comprehensive exam with a mark of 80% before they’re eligible for a license.

The Licensing Procedure

If you’re thoroughly committed to working in the field, then you must be fully prepared to go through the rigor of training and extra studies. As such, you will need to meet the following criteria before you can get your license:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must be 18 years old to apply.
  • You must be eligible to work in Canada.
  • Be fluent in English as outlined by a level 5 benchmark according to the Center for Canadian Language Benchmarks.
  • No past criminal records.
  • Have no outstanding criminal charges.
  • You must not be under investigation at the time of applications.

Training Requirements

All applicants are required to have completed an approved security training course. These include one of the two:

  • Alberta Basic Security Training Course
  • Accredited Basic Security Training Course.

You can get this training from any of the accredited schools and colleges that offer these courses.

Secondly, they must pass the provincial final exam with a mark of 80% before they can qualify for a license.

Baton Training

You will also need licensing if you’re going to carry a baton with you as part of your work. To qualify for licensing, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Get approval from your employer to carry a baton.
  • Complete the approved 40-hour baton use-of-force training course
  • Submit a copy of your training certificate with an application for renewal of your ABST license.

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