Is Your Workplace the Cause of Repetitive Stress Injuries?

Is Your Workplace the Cause of Repetitive Stress Injuries?

When you join a workplace, you’re not exactly thinking of the potential injuries you may sustain in that environment. Unfortunately, work injuries aren’t as uncommon as you’d think. Not only that, they’re also not just restricted to single, life-altering incidents. They may develop over time because of the cumulative effects of repetitive motions you do. These are also known as repetitive stress injuries.

As one of the common types of workplace injuries, repetitive stress injuries aren’t specific to a particular job or industry, and may occur at all kinds of workplaces. Here’s a look at how your workplace may be contributing to a repetitive stress injury.

You Spend Most of Your Day Operating a Computer

A typical 9-5 corporate job usually means sitting in front of a computer for the most part. The continuous and frequent screen time can become a cause of a repetitive stress injury.

Working at your desk for the majority of your day means remaining seated. This means your neck, arms, wrists, and shoulders are set in a specific posture. You’re at risk of developing musculoskeletal injuries because of this.

Alternately, if your job requires you to stand or remain seated—with or without a computer—you’re doing damage to your body. The posture and the fatigue from physical inactivity can lead to a repetitive stress condition.

You Have a Strenuous Job

In direct contrast are the kind of jobs that require strenuous activity and physical exertion. For instance, if you work in the construction industry as a field worker, you’re likely to engage in tasks that require you to perform repetitive motions that can exert physical stress. Similarly, using vibrating tools, such as jackhammers, for a prolonged period can also musculoskeletal trauma. These can then cause repetitive stress injuries.

You Lift Heavy Objects at Your Job

Jobs that require employees to lift heavy objects are also potentially dangerous in this regard. Working in a warehouse, for example, may mean that you’re constantly moving around heavy boxes or lifting objects within the storage space. You can end up hurting your shoulder muscles, your lower back muscles, and your hamstring because of this. Continuing to perform these tasks will only aggravate the injury and make it worse.

If you believe that you’ve sustained a repetitive stress injury at work, you might be eligible for a workers’ compensation. Reach out to the team at Johnson and Cruz, PC for an evaluation. Call their workers’ compensation lawyers today for services in and near Fullerton, Orange County.

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