Workplace Injuries: What Are The Business Owners’ Legal Responsibilities To Employees?

Workplace Injuries: What Are The Business Owners’ Legal Responsibilities To Employees?

Every job comes with a range of hazards and risks for employees. The Labour Force Survey of this year reports that about 581,000 people sustained an injury at work—among these are non-fatal and fatal injuries.

The report claimed that about 28.2 million working days were lost due to work and work-related injuries and illnesses. While the employees have to bear the brunt of these accidents, who’s responsible for them?

Employers have a duty to protect their employees and provide a working environment that’s safe. Among your rights as an employee, you’re entitled to certain rights including:

  • Protection against discrimination on any grounds, including disability
  • Daily and weekly breaks—these include a rest period during the day and at least one full day off during the week
  • To have your health and safety looked after by your employer

According to the statutory rights of the worker, and depending on your job, the employer must provide a number of provisions on the job. These include protective clothing, first-aid equipment, a clean environment to work in, washing facilities, safe and well-functioning machinery, and drinking water.


Types of Injury

The Labour Force Survey stated that self-reported, non-fatal injuries that took more than 7 absences were 138,000 and ones with less than 7 days off were 443,000. The most common causes of injury, in the order of likelihood, were:

  • Falls, trips, and slips
  • Carrying and lifting objects
  • Collision with a moving object
  • Violence
  • Falling from a height

When you sustain an injury at work, especially in serious work-related accidents, your employer must report the incident to the local Health and Safety Authority in the region. Additionally, regular risk assessments must be carried out to address any potential hazards.

The provision of first aid facilities and equipment is imperative regardless of the work setting. While employees are responsible for their own safety, the necessary provisions must be provided.

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